Your API for Emergency Response

When your product senses danger, SafeTrek sends help.

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How It Works

Your product triggers an alarm.
Our certified call centers check in immediately.
Your customer’s info is already on file. Help is dispatched right away.


emergencies handled

There are a lot of situations where someone could be in some form of danger and not have a split second to dial 911, or could have a medical emergency where they were physically unable to talk. We don’t usually push for businesses, but this product proved too good to pass up.

SGT. CHRIS MALEK, River Hills Police Department

Our REST API offers a range of ways to get your customer help.

Customer Prompted

Allow your customer to trigger a SafeTrek alarm right inside your app or product.


Or, set the trigger for your customer, so they get help even in moments when they can’t act quickly or communicate.

We very much relate to SafeTrek’s mission to protect and comfort people so they can live freely, and while Oomi today provides our customers a simple way to secure and monitor their home, this partnership will take personal safety and home security to the next level.

COLIN MARSHALL  President, Fantem

Help when your customers need it. Not when they don’t.

We’re not your mom’s monitoring company. We text. We empathize. We send emojis 💁. We have three certified call centers that not only make sure your customers are calm and safe, but also stop 99% of false alarms by quickly checking in to verify whether an emergency is real or an honest mistake.

Bringing emergency response into the IoT age.

As our phones-and keys, watches, homes, and cars-have gotten smarter, 911 has had trouble keeping up. That’s where we come in. Our platform transforms applications and devices into life saving tools the instant they are synced with a SafeTrek account. Once connected, devices can be used to trigger an alarm, and share everything from address to allergy info with first responders.

We’re a platform
with a purpose.

SafeTrek’s API was created to save valuable time when our users were at their most vulnerable. To get first responders to the right place, faster.  But it didn’t happen overnight. It took fielding 100 emergency calls a day for years before we developed a platform that has now helped more than 40,000 people in an emergency, and over a million people feel peace of mind.

But that’s just the beginning.

We want you to use what we’ve created to protect and comfort your customers so they can live freely. Showing future generations that apps and devices can work together to do more than just turn on the lights and lock the doors-they can also save lives.